About Us

Plugg.To is an integration hub that connects retailers from all over Latin America to the best marketplaces in Brazil, in addition to offering integration with ERP’s, suppliers, freight and exclusive tools to increase your sales.

What is Plugg.To?

Plugg.To is the Integration Hub with the largest number of marketplaces in the country. Connecting e-commerces from all over Latin America to marketplaces, platforms, ERP's and suppliers, Plugg.To offers all the necessary tools for a real increase in sales: product enrichment, price monitoring, freight calculation, SAC, control of SLA, ABC Curve and more! Through our real-time integrations, Plugg.To is ideal for retailers of any size, avoiding any stock break, regardless of sales volume.
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Criar ferramentas tecnológicas que geram enorme valor para varejistas distribuidores e fabricantes.


Ser a referência global em ferramentas para análise, integração e automação de vendas.


Superar expectativas dos clientes; Honestidade e respeito ao próximo; Foca em resultados; Trabalho em equipe; Inovar constantemente; Confiabilidade; Grandiosidade com simplicidade

Birth Plugg.To

The company was created in January 2013, by our founder André Fuhrman, until then an employee of MercadoLivre who had the idea of ​​the Integration Hub when observing the lack of companies and developers trained to carry out integrations.

Thus was born ThirdLevel, future Plugg.To, a development consultancy with the aim of specializing in on-demand integrations, but this objective was never realized because its first product, a module / plugin that integrated Magento with MercadoLivre, was successful so much higher than expected, that it took all development time to stay focused on that first product.

The largest number of integrations

Two years later, Plugg.To, after a lot of work and learning and with almost five hundred tenants integrated into MercadoLivre, led MercadoLivre itself and Wayra (Telefónica Accelerator) to invest in the company, with the objective of enabling the creation of a large HUB, which would help to foster not only MercadoLivre, but E-commerce in general.

The innovative architecture initially brought enormous difficulties, but with the certainty that the path was correct, aiming to offer the best service in the market, they put Plugg.To the level that is today, one of the market leaders when it comes to Integration and MarketPlace, with more than 800 active tenants integrated to all the main Marketplaces in the market.

Today, Plugg.To is the Integration Hub with more integrations in the country, with more than 33 integrated marketplaces and more diverse ERP’s and Platforms.

Whatever the future holds, we look forward to meeting you and working hard to be the best you can be!

Would you like to be part of our team?

Send your resume to contato@plugg.to with the title of the email “Banco de Talentos Plugg.To”